Waffles, now just 5 years old, is a smooth, short-haired, red dapple, miniature dachshund. And by 'smooth' I don't mean her charm. Haha. 

She has the bark of a Doberman, the brain of a fox, the body of a sausage, and the heart of the most loving being I could ever imagine. Waffles loves everyone and even most dogs. However, she is a bit timid around big dogs because although she thinks she is a big dog, she's had a tough time with them. But we will get to that later. 

She's quick on her paws and can out run nearly anything. I wouldn't put her up against a cougar but she has treed a black bear before! Her strength to overcome physical and mental obstacles is quite amazing. Anyone who has a dachshund or has had one in the past knows all about this amazing breed. 

In the following pages I will go through stories, and things I've learned along the way. Such as: what to eat, the amount of exercise they really need, and the amount of cuddling the require. If a cuddly canine is not your thing, this breed may not be for you. Read more to find out.